re: linguistics and language universals

From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 10:42:18 EST

>The assumption that there are language universals (or rules or
>commonalities between languages) is due, in large part, to the
>observation that every child, almost regardless of IQ, acquires
>his/her (spoken) language rapidly and with no (or little) overt

OK.... now I see where you are coming from. We actually have been talking
the same language all along. What I have been trying to describe from a
contextual framework... you have been trying to describe the very same thing
from a common linguistic framework... the grammatical terminology concepts
which *all languages* hold in common. So then we actually have been talking
about the very same thing but from different vantage points! Sorry that I
did not pick up on this sooner.

Rich Lindeman

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