New "Gatekeeper" aboard!

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 15:55:47 EST

Colleagues of the B-Greek List:

It is my privilege to make another happy announcement.

As many of you know, Tony Prete of our Staff has served us long and well
in the role of "Gatekeeper". Frequently persons wish to subscribe to our
List, and do not know how, so they send a message to the whole List saying
"SUBSCRIBE". In past years, they would repeat this several times when
nothing happened, followed by a flood of messsages telling everyone how to
subscribe. And many forgot the FAQ about unsubscribing, doing the same
thing when leaving the List. Tony proposed that he would be responsible for
responding at once to each such message, saving the List such exchanges which
were a nuisance and ate up bandwidth. (On other Lists, they sometimes even
lead to flame wars!) Eventually, he was able to do it for them, not even
having to write the poster a message of instructions.

Tony recently found himself without the necessary time, even to continue on the
List at all, and asked that I find a replacement for him.

Carl Conrad and I conferred, and agreed that we should ask one of our
members, Nichael Cramer, to take on the task. Nichael has graciously agreed
to take on this invisible task for us, and David Marotta our ListOwner has
appointed him to the Staff and to this position. He will take over from Tony
as soon as this announcement is received.

Nichael is eminently qualified --no, far over-qualified-- for this job,
as you can readily discover by looking through his WebPage. He is a computer
specialist doing things well beyond anything recognizable to most of us.
(He also made a little applet which will write poems for you, if you like
mysterious-sounding poems!) But Nichael has also done graduate work at
Harvard in New Testament, which brings him to our List. (Nichael and I
have met on occasion at the CBD Warehouse sales, fighting for the same
Greek reference books!)

So Welcome to Nichael!

And thanks, deeply felt, to Tony Prete for a long service in a job
which, because it was well-done, was not noticed by any of us!

Edward Hobbs
For the B-Greek Staff

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