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Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 08:37:21 EST

pwiles wrote:
> Is anyone aware of any works that seek to treat Koine Greek from a
> functional grammar point of view??
This is a question worth answering, is it not?

First of all, could some one on the list help me by defining in a neat and
concise fashion what a functional approach to grammar is. Also, how would a
functional approach to grammar be recognized in a text book or reference

I saw an intro to Classical Greek (c.a. 1960) which had the words "A
Functional Approach" in the title. Titles can however be deceptive. I found
this out a few years back when I bought a used copy of Waldo Sweet's Intro to
Latin "A structural approach". I thought Dr. Waldo was going to be using
structural linguistics to teach Latin like E.V.N Goetchius did for NT Greek in
"The Language of the NT", but alas I was disappointed. Dr. Waldo had
something else in mind. I am not sure what.

Anyway, I am all ears waiting for a response to Perry's question.

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