Re: The Climax of DOXA

From: Edgar Foster (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 16:43:57 EST wrote:

> > Does this literary unit constitute an inclusio? Is it to be taken
as a volitional imperative? Or, is this an example of John moving from
particularity to generality?

> I just took it as a statement of future fact.

Hello George,

I agree that Jesus made a statement of future fact. When this pericope
is read through the lenses of discourse anaalysis, however, one could
see in Jesus' words (in John 21:18, 19) a volitional imperative--a
call to decision on the part of Peter and John's readers-or one could
also see an inductive method employed by John (i.e., John 21:18, 19
could be read as the culmination of John's discussion). This account
could be cited to help us connect the previous discussion of DOXA.

Frankly, I see room for both ideas in this pericope.


E. Foster

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