Re: **skivvies**

From: Andrew Bromage (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 19:07:30 EST

G'day all.

Allison Sanders, in answer to the question "What meaning do *you*
        assign to the English "skivvies"?" provides:

> Very Intersting...actually, I've only heard the
> word used to refer to,
> well, ummm, (whispering) boxer shorts. I suppose
> my understanding of
> "skivvies" quite reveals the society in which I
> grew up, and thus my
> age as well. =) I'm 20. But anyway, that's what
> I've always thought
> they were. =)

I'm in my mid-20's and Australian, and for me, the word "skivvies" only
refers to one thing: long-sleeved polar neck t-shirts. I kid you not.
Plus, it's been quite a shock reading this thread to discover that the
word refers to anything apart from this.

See what you learn when you read B-GREEK?

Andrew Bromage

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