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From: Paul S. Dixon (
Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 11:14:39 EST

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:29:58 -0500 Jim Beale <> writes:


>Here's a condensation:
>PD> And by right talent and understanding he should weigh. Indeed!
>JB> That's not what I meant to say!! I thought I wrote:
>JB> and cleverness and wit will be weighed on scales
>PD> Well, I'll give you the future middle, but it sure did look like an
>PD> aorist subjunctive. Regardless, it is 3rd person singular, so "he"
>PD> "it" is the subject. So, it might better be rendered:
>PD> and he shall weigh with a measure of wit (the right side [of the
>PD> and understanding
>Why can't the nominatives "DEXIOTHS KAI NOOS" be the subject?

NOOS is the genitive of NOUS. BAG has: NOUS, NOOS, NOI, NOUN.
Consistent use in the NT bears this out.

Taking NOUS as the genitive, I pretty much assumed DEXIOTHS was a
genitive in parallel and with the -HS ending.

Paul Dixon

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