Re: Failed Mail Message

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 07:57:40 EST

At 7:26 AM -0600 3/31/98, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
>B-Greek people.
>Are you all keeping quiet because of the failed mail message that the server
>is sending out?
>No need to keep quiet. The mail is still going through.

Well, it was quiet yesterday ... but maybe some were taking in the opening
of the baseball season, like Mark McGwire's first grand slam of the young
season powering the Cards over the Dodgers. Still, Clay, it looks like you
are firing up the--what were we calling them last year?--aspect geeks?

Incidentally, I think this subject-header is wunnerful; what is it, a new
kind of oxymoron? or an old kind of barymoron? I don't know that
"barymoron" is to be found in any dictionary (yet ;-) ), but I suppose it
could refer to a joke that falls flat, like this one.

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