Re: Shareware and Freeware

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 06:03:29 EST

At 13:04 98/04/01 -0500, Harold P. Scanlin wrote:
>I wish to call to the attention of those on the b-greek list that the
>"freeware" version of NA27/GNT4 offered at the website and on
>their CD-ROM "The SWORD Project" was done without the permission of the
>copyright holder, the German Bible Society and the United Bible Societies.

>Harold P. Scanlin
>United Bible Societies
>1865 Broadway
>New York, NY 10023

        Dear Harold
        I did wonder how it could be *freeware* when
        was first mentioned on this list, as my NA27 has "Alle Rechte
        vorbehalten" clearly printed on page 1.
        Two questions:

   1 What is the cheapest legal electronic version of NA27/GNT4,
        and is it available over the web?

   2 Presumably ought to be offering TR. Are there
        any sites with downloadable non-copyright GNT?


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