Josephus' Discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 23:00:31 EST

        Re: the Silly Greek Questions? (SHMERON) thread the devil
        in me was wondering if there had been an emendation and
        based on Acts 2:31 it should actually be:

                SHMERON MET' EMOU ESHi EN TWi hADWi :-)

        Anyway that thought prompted me to ask a Hades question.
        I guess most b-greekers will be familiar with the appendix
        in Whiston's Antiquities where a document called "Discourse
        to the Greeks concerning Hades" is bound in with Josephus'
        main work. As far as I can see Perseus does not have the
        greek text for this document up. I can only guess that this
        is due to the authorship being suspect? Does anyone know
        what the current status of this document is? If Josephus
        is not the real author then what is the likely provenance?

        I also take note that "Discourse to the Greeks concerning
        Hades" isn't mentioned under KOLPOI ABRAAM in BAGD yet another
        source is; Preisigke, Sammelbuch griechische Urkundedn aus
        Agypten 2034 [what does 2034 mean here, page?] has EN KOLPOIS

        Actually why doesn't Bauer give KOLPOS and plural KOLPOI
        separate subentries. This is normal practice in modern dictionaries
        (as opposed to "lexicons"?) or is it just that in Bauer's day
        lexicographers didn't observe the sg/pl variations in semantic
        fields so clearly? I wonder what DGE will do when they reach K?

        Is that three questions or four?
        Oh well

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