Re: 1 John 1,1

Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 18:04:46 EST

Ben Crick wrote:

> Yes, says John, I am an eye-, ear- and touch witness. This was no formalised
> Laying On of Hands; no metaphorical Groping in the Dark. "That eternal life"
> (verse 2) was what they saw and handled: the proof of the Resurrection to
> eternal life; the very Resurrection Body!
> Or am I just stating the obvious?
> Ben

God Bless You Ben ~

This thing is coming together much better now.

What is obvious to you and others familiar with these texts gives be a
great challenge ~ I'm the one who must 'grope' in the dark!! :-)

Now I can perhaps take a better look so as to see better... Thank-you!


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