Re: Word order in James 1:3

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Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 01:28:50 EDT

At 1:08 PM -0800 4/5/98, Paul Zellmer wrote:

>My second question is, how do you know for sure that the pronoun is
>going with faith and not with testing? Would "your testing of the
>faith" require the use of the attributive position? Or is this a

Although this paragraph was really addressed to Carl, I'd like to say that
I hadn't thought of reading hUMWN as a subjective genitive as Paul takes it
here. I don't really think there is anything in the context to rule that
reading out, and the syntax does not rule it out, but I still see reading
both hUMWN and THS PISTEWS as objective (the testing of you + the testing
of the faith = the testing of your faith) as a very natural way to read the

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