Re: FHSIN in Acts 10:31- Present Tense?

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 09:20:06 EDT

The thread on hEURISKEI has produced some fruitful discussion. Thanks to all
of you for your participation.

Here is a new piece to the puzzle. In Acts 10:31 we have another present,
FHSIN. In this case Codex Bezae left it alone. Why? Perhaps the present tense
for reported speech makes more sense than it does for hEURISKEI. Using the old
durative/punctiliar model, reported speech would make sense as a durative
where as hEURISKEI would not. I am not advocating the old durative/punctiliar
model. I am just throwing some more fuel on the fire.

I agree rather strongly with Rolf, that we need to take a hard and harsh look
at traditional grammar.

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