On Pulling The Plug

From: Ward Powers (bwpowers@eagles.bbs.net.au)
Date: Sun Apr 12 1998 - 01:48:39 EDT

Fellow b-greekers

At 10:40 98/04/08 -0500, Carl wrote:

>I want to call a final halt to this thread now

I've been having a really hectic time here, completing the writing of some
Notes for my College students, to a strict deadline. Additional
complication: here in Sydney we have just had two days of cloudburst rain -
we have had more rain in these two days than in the whole of the rest of
the year so far.

I'd like to re-enter the discussion about aorists (sigmatic/non-sigmatic,
etc.) between George Dalmatia and Carl Conrad, but can't spare the time.

Never mind. A holiday is coming: Good Friday! (Do you people in other parts
of the world have a public holiday on Good Friday as we do in Australia?)
What better use for such a significant day than to turn one's mind to the
meaning of the Scriptures?!

So I draft out my detailed contribution to this b-greek thread.

Then I hook up with email, and I receive my mail. And I find (as quoted
above) that Carl has decided to pull the plug on this discussion. Ah, well!
That's the way the biscuit breaks.

But, Carl: Do you think you could give some advance notice of your
plug-pulling? Or at least, not do it just before a holiday weekend?



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