Re: Latin Question

From: Jim Beale (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 00:30:17 EDT


I know that many of you know Latin, since I can recall
some discussions of Latin many months ago. My own Latin
skills are deplorable. Would someone take a moment and
lend a helping hand here?

Thanks so much!!


At 7:45 PM -0500 3/31/98, Jeffrey P. Beale wrote:

>Oh owner of many books, do you have access to a Latin dictionary?
>I'm curious what the word "almutium" means. I think that is the
>spelling. That is Fr. Andy's username on AOL.

Hey Jeff,

My Latin dictionary doesn't have 'almutium' but it does have
'almus' meaning "nourishing or kind." Perhaps 'almutium' means
something like "nourishment" or "kindness." I'll try and find
a more definitive answer.

In Christ,

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