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From: McKay family (
Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 05:11:36 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote:
>P.S. I hope you are able to meet with Jonathan this weekend and have a nice
>>time. And I wish you a joyous Easter.
>(Jonathan here)
>I have no particular opinions on aorist morphology, but I *am* having a fun
>time here! Ward is, as you have gathered by his posts, a very interesting
>and engaging person, and I'm enjoying myself immensely.

It was wonderful to meet Ward Powers and Jonathan Robie today. Ward
organised a great day of seeing the sites and sights of Sydney in 5 hours.

In this short time we:
*took a train to the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
*walked across the bridge, up a bridge pylon [185 steps or so]
*walked to a historic site in Sydney known as The Rocks [one of the oldest
*watched one of the greatest salesmen in Sydney do his thing en route to the
Sydney Opera House
[the salesman was an aborigine, whose act involved a lot of talk, and a
small amount of didjeridu playing, with generous helpings of information on
how to pay him for his busking ... very entertaining]
*took a ferry to a beach suburb called Manly and engaged in a discussion
about the meaning of OINOS in Biblical literature.
*walked around the promenade at Manly and then took the ferry back to
Circular Quay, and a train back to Ward's home in Summer Hill
*played some Aussie flute and piano music [Powning's Vegetable Suite] while
Ward had a snooze. [This guy wears you out with his action-packed itinerary,
then you go back to his place and HE goes to sleep!]
*engaged in a discussion and demonstration of playing Irish and Scottish
folk music on a penny whistle. Jonathan played and I watched and then had a
go at playing Loch Lomond. By this time, Ward was back on deck again.

A most interesting day. I plan to retire early tonight!

David McKay

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