Re: Start your day...

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Apr 11 1998 - 07:23:21 EDT

With all due respect to the organizations and faith-commitments represented
in recent posts calling attention to URLs for daily devotionals, I would
urge that people please NOT post such items to the list. As B-Greek is open
to persons of every faith-commitment (including no faith-commitment at
all), it is not a forum for the promotion, sharing, or disparagment of any.
While one's theological orientation may be inextricably involved in one's
understanding of a Biblical Greek text, our focus here is on the Biblical
Greek text and language, not on theological orientation as such. Since a
very broad spectrum is represented in our list membership, we really need
to avoid evangelistic promotion of any particular stance just as surely as
we need to eschew disparagement of any; so I hope this note may be seen in
the light of maintaining a "climate" in which all may comfortably raise
issues that are directly concerned with Biblical Greek.

Carl W. Conrad
B-Greek Staff

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