Re: hEURISKEI in Acts 10:27 - Present Tense?

Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 00:21:02 EDT

Ronald Ross wrote:

> > >"Last Saturday I *go* into a restaurant and this guy *walks* up and *hits* me
> > >once right in the nose."

"Last night I am going into a restaurant, and this guy walked up and
hit me once right in the nose."
Same story, different verbs. There's NOTHING like English!!

I am reminded of the theme song from "Titanic", [and I do not know
which verb is used], where the words say in that majestic music
"Once...More...You open the door" ~ Where the whole song is about the
meaning to the singer of the life of a dead man. [past event(s)] And
the difference in meaning if one puts an '-ed' on the end of 'open'...
The latter is merely historic, you see, while the former is not
limited to a single event. [I really don't know which was written ~ I
would hope the former, as this is how I understand the aorist... It
is NOT 'are opening'...

I am really learning a lot from your postings ~ Thank-you... Both.


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