Re: Jn 20:16; Did John Goof?

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sun Apr 12 1998 - 17:54:00 EDT

>Sorry, perhaps my choice of "despised" was a mistake. It was, perhaps,
>a bit tongue in cheek. I was using "despised" in its rather benign sense
>as expressed thus in my American Heritage dictionary. "To regard as
>unworthy of one's interest or concern." e.g.. Agatha Christy, in
>CURTAINS describes a character, (who turns out to be a villain patterned
>after Iago) as a nondescript little fellow whom "everyone liked and
>despised." Luther - "We should not despise preaching and his word but
>hold it sacred, and gladly hear and learn it." Sorry again if my
>choice of despised misled.
>If I understand correctly, TDNT seems to be considered, (at least to
>some extent) "unworthy of one's interest or concern," because of what is
>perceived to be too great a reliance on etymology an not enough regard
>for context.

I wonder what could have given you this impression? I have some problems
with some articles in the TDNT, but over-reliance on etymology is certainly
not one of them.

I may be way off base here, but I have noticed that it is
>not regarded highly by scholars and if it's not too far off topic for
>B-Greek I, for one, would appreciate some discussion of its weaknesses
>and strengths.

And I have not noticed the disregard from scholars, unless you mean the
criticisms of James Barr a generation ago that the dictionary writers were
not conversant with modern linguistic theories about semiotics.

Such remarks make one suspicious of other comments one makes.

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