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Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 22:26:04 EDT

McKay family wrote:

> >By the way, what is the meaning of OINOS in Biblical literature?
> G'day Alexander. Good to hear from you.
> In our discussion, it was asserted that OINOS has a range of meaning, from
> the juice still in the grape on the vine, to [possibly] fermented wine. One
> of us is a convinced teetotaller, and does not believe that Jesus would have
> drunk fermented wine and was able to put up a good argument for this point
> of view.

I'm yet to be convinced by any arguments that Jesus abstained from alcohol, so
I'd be interested to hear these views, David. Perhaps privately would be best.

> We also discussed the interesting phenomenon of the relationship of words
> for wine in several languages.
> Pardon me if I use the wrong part of speech with some of these ... I am just
> quoting from my BibleWorks CD ... I don't speak all these languages, of
> course!
> YAYIN Hebrew
> OINOS Greek
> VINUS [?] Latin
> WEIN German
> WIJN Dutch
> VIN French
> VINO Spanish and Italian
> VINEN Danish
> VIINIA Finnish
> DIVEN Creole
> But ... it seems to be different in Hungarian!

Yes, there is an obvious correlation of all these words. Hungarian's different
is it? Well, that's not too much to worry about since Hungarian is very unlike
any other language in the pool. Modern Greek, though, has departed from its old
ways. "Wine" in modern Greek is KRASI. :)

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