Re: Another Carson Question--Sort Of

From: lakr (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 18:27:07 EDT

Dear B-GREEKers,

A. The president and secretary stood up and we applauded.
B. I love to walk with my dogs, and so I took the black and white for a walk.

Are the president and secretary the same person or two separate persons ?
If the context is concerning the titles for public officials of the
United States of America, the answer will be a different one than
if one is refering to the Parent Teachers Association where one
individual might wear both hats.

Do I have one dog or two ? That depends upon whether or not I
have a Dalmation or not.

I know that one cannot make an assumption that Koine Greek works
the same as English does in these examples, but my gut feeling
is that it does. Is this possible ?

Larry Kruper

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