Re: Another Carson Question--Sort Of

From: GregStffrd (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 20:01:36 EDT

One other thing. You asked:

<< <<
  <snip> It is obvious that all these nouns in Phil. 2:25 refer to
  Epaphroditus, but if we look for a similar construction in the NT, we find
  none. (At least that was the result of a Gramcord search I performed to
  look for it.) >> >>

Actually, there are several examples where the proper name precedes two or
more nouns connected by KAI, and where only the first noun has the article.
Consider John 11:2, Eph. 6:21, Col. 4:7, 1Thess. 3:2, and Rev. 22:8.

Greg Stafford
University of Wisconsin

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