OINWi OLIGWi CRW in 1Tim. 5:23

From: David L. Moore (dvdmoore@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 10:54:21 EDT

        Many thanks to Edward for his informative and interesting piece on the
meaning of OINOS in a biblical context.

        I have another question which concerns the use of this word in 1Tim. 5:23.
 What I am wondering is whether CRAOMAI with the dative may mean here that
Timothy should "add a little wine..." to his drinking water. The thought
of *replacing* the drinking of water with wine does not seem feasable - and
this especially in light of Edward's comments on the normal alcohol content
of OINOU. As I understand, it was common practice in NT times to dilute
wine before it was drunk. Since hUDOPOTEI does not mean "drink *only*
water" as it is often translated, but simply "drink water," could OINWi
OLIGWi CRW, in contrast to the former, be advice to add a little wine to
the water - supposedly for the antibiotic effect of its alcohol content.

David Moore

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