Re: OINWi OLIGWi CRW in 1Tim. 5:23

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 06:51:53 EDT

At 2:19 PM -0500 4/16/98, Christopher Hutson wrote:
>And now I suppose I should introduce myself to the list. I have been
>lurking for a few weeks and enjoying the conversation, but this is the
>first time I have weighed in.
>I am Assistant Professor of NT at Hood Theological Seminary. I
>studied Classics at the University of Cincinnati before pursuing
>seminary and doctoral studes at Yale. My dissertation, which I have
>not yet submitted to a publisher, was a social-historical study of
>youth in Greco-Roman antiquity aimed at illuminating the social
>context of the Pastoral Epistles. The title is _My True Child: The
>Rhetoric of Youth in the Pastoral Epistles_, and it includes a
>discussion of 1 Tim 5:23 within Chapter Five.
>While I expect to learn a lot from this list, I hope also to
>contribute a little from time to time.


Thanks for your illuminating comment on the the larger traditional context
of the "wine for thy belly's sake" snippet in 1 Timothy, and welcome to the
List. I take it you're in that set with Malherbe and Meeks, etc? It sounds
like a very interesting dissertation and I hope you will find a publisher.
>From my own vantage, It's nice to have yet another Classicist on the list
(although we're still a tiny minority!) and I know that U. of Cincinnati
has a fine tradition in the field; finally, you add to the already strong
contingent of Tarheels on the List--I myself make my summer home in Yancey
County and will retire there some time not very far off.

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