Re: The Granville-Sharp thread and all that (especially all that)

Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 19:35:58 EDT


Thanks so much. That's JUST what I thought you'd write, but I couldn't
have written it so well myself. I realize Dale wanted a chance to
display the unfairness in Greg's quotations; but then Greg would have
demanded the right to prove HIS position, etc., etc. You did it very

I also wrote a message to Jim West, affirming your warning, and trying
to get him to think himself into the framework of this forum. My
offhand guess is that he came out of a very conservative background, and
his education has led him to desire to straighten out others who have
not yet see the light.

He seems to like me, and writes me little notes occasionally, so
maybe he can hear it this time.

Once again, thanks!


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