Re: Romans 9:5

From: Wes Williams (
Date: Sat Apr 18 1998 - 18:01:54 EDT

>For your consideration, there is a good discussion about Rom. 9:5 in
>Earle's Word Meanings in the NT. While I do not agree with Earle's
>conclusion on Rom. 9:5, I feel that he fairly cites both sides. The
>argument is primarily one of punctuation, not grammar. Earle also adds
>that this argument is not a liberal-conservative argument--even some
>conservatives favor THEOS applying to the Father in Rom. 9:5.
>E. Foster

Dear Edgar,

Did you find Earle's Word Meanings more comprehensive than Abbot's two
articles on Romans 9:5 in the first issue of JBL? While Abbot had a definite
view, I thought he treated both sides masterfully.

Wes Williams

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