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Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 23:40:04 EDT

Dear Ian

I have just read an article on constituent order by Stephen Levinsohn. The
title of the article is "Phrase Order and the Article in Galatians. A
Functional Sentence Perspective Approach." The article was published in
Occasional Papers on Text and Translation, vol 3, no 2, pp44-64.

As the title suggests Levinsohn adopts a functional linguistics approach.
I'll reproduce the introduction below along with the section titles of the
paper to give you an idea about what it covers:

"0. Introduction
This article claims that the order of phrases in teh Greek text of Galatians
is determined primarily by their communicative role, such as whether they
express the theme of their clause or sentence, provide the primary basis for
relating the structure to its context, or convey the most important piece of
information about the theme. This article further claims that one use of the
article is to downplay phrases to which it is attached.

1. Unmarked and marked phrase orders in Galatians

2. Articular phrases

3. Variations involving the subject

4. The position of anarthrous phrases

5. The frontshifting of an alement other than the subject

6. Conclusions"

If you would like to read the paper and have trouble getting hold of it let
me know and I can fax you a copy.


Perry Wiles
Moore Theological College
1 King St
NSW 2042

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