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At 10:10 PM -0700 4/16/98, Ian Scott wrote:
>Hello. I'm wondering whether anyone knows of work done (published or
>otherwise) on clause constituent order (i.e. subject, verb, object) in NT
>Greek. I keep wanting to give semantic value to certain constituent
>orders, as if something is "fronted", but have been unsure about what work
>has been done to established what the "unmarked" order is in different
>contexts. If others haven't done it, I've already started cataloguing the
>frequency of different patterns with an eye to determining the most
>common order and looking for syntactical similarities among the anomolous
>clauses. Obviously, though, if someone has already done this work it
>would save me a lot of time and grief. I know S. E. Porter published an
>article in 92 in Filologia Neotestamentica in which he bemoaned the fact
>that no one had done it yet, but someone may have taken up his challenge.
>Any ideas?


There are a few things listed in my online bibliography of Greek
Linguistics. I don't remember the titles, but Timothy Friberg is the author
of a dissertation on this topic. The URL for the bibliography is given in
the footer to this message below. You can search the bibliography for the
word "order" using the FIND command in your browser. You will notice that
older works on this subject refer to it as *word* order rather than
constituent order, but you can still find some very useful material in some
of those works for a study of clausal constituent order.

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