Re: Punctuation in Codex Bezae (on the web)

Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 15:16:00 EDT

MikeBzley wrote:
> I agree with George that the early manuscripts are unlikely to have been
> written for direct public reading.

Hi Mike ~

I didn't SAY that!!! My suggestion is that they would probably have
to have been read much more slowly, or perhaps been pretty well
memorized by the reader of them to those listening... It does pose an
interesting problem for our 'literate' perception into the
'illiterate' people of the days of the writing of these texts,
wouldn't you say? I think they obviously WERE 'read' somehow, but my
'post-literate' mind is having a hard time figuring out exactly just
how that was accomplished! I mean... COULD these letters and gospels
have been easily memorized by the [out loud] readers of them?? 'Tis
an awesome thought, and if true, might give us another piece of the
puzzle in our approach to translating them.


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