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Date: Sat Apr 11 1998 - 11:09:46 EDT


>>Be skeptical of what you are about to hear when someone who hasn't had
>>at least a year or two of biblical Greek and/or Hebrew says: "Now, in
>>the original Greek (or Hebrew) it really says (or means) ...."
> Hmm. I'd get more skeptical if they had. At least people
> playing with Strongs know they don't know. And the people
> who *know* these languages are all dead.

Actually, I've had many discussions with people over the Greek language,
wherein I (a Bib Languages student) am constantly admitted that I cannot be
certain about a position, but others in the discussion relying purely upon
a concordance and no presonal knowledge of Greek have become rather
dogmatic about their position.

I think its less a matter of an individual's level of education and more an
issue of their general humility and attitude towards themselves and others
that determines if they'll recognize the limits of their knoweldge or
become arrogant.

That said, I must admit that if I had a question about a health concern,
I'd still probably prefer going to a conceited doctor who thought he knew
all the answers, rather than my english-teacher Aunt who had the Reader's
Digest guide to good health and a firm grasp on the fact that she was not
an expert. There is much to be said for training. :-)


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