Re: Jn 21:15-17 (and getting woollier..)

From: Jim West (
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 12:05:31 EDT

At 11:57 PM 4/17/98 +0800, you wrote:
> Hi Chris
> Well yes if I'd have known you and Carl were going to post
> in the other direction I probably wouldn't have stuck my neck
> out ;-). But in this case I'm going to stick by my guns because
> what I read in the text flow has nothing to do with the usual
> roasting that you (and Carson) pick up on (the pulpit mythology
> surrounding AGAPAW) but rather with the dialogue build up
> as Peter is reconciled through a mini-pastoral course.

Steven is 100% correct in everything he says in this post. I would not
think of adding a jot or tittle to it. On my own behalf I would only say
that the author of John was smart enough to realize that he used different
words in this story. How much smarter we must be if we tell him that he
meant only one thing when he used two words!!!


Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology

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