Re: Jn 21:15-17 (and getting woollier..)

From: S. L. Kull (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 09:44:26 EDT

> >I'm wondering what the actual words uttered by Christ might have been,
> >assuming He spoke in Aramaic. Any thoughts?
> >
> It doesn't matter. The story is a Johannine construct.
> Jim

Comments such as this have an edge to them that would not be
acceptable if they were made from a "different" perspective. Please
remember that b-greek comprises people of many different faith
commitments and different views as to the veracity and authenticity
of the text. We are called upon to interact with the text in a way
that is respectful of these different views, and your comment here--
and sometimes in other posts-- is of the "in your face" variety.

Had you not wanted to speculate on the answer to the question,
silence would have been golden.

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