Re: apologies

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 09:23:47 EDT

At 8:53 AM -0500 4/20/98, S. L. Kull wrote:
>I apologize for not having read all the b-greek posts before sending
>my last e-mail!

I have, in fact, asked previously that readers make an effort to read all
posts in their current mail before responding to any one, but the reply
came back that this was impossible (as if I were asking to wait for future
posts that had been written prior to the current reading).

Might I suggest, however, that if anyone finds a particular post offensive,
he or she contact the sender of that post directly off-list rather than run
the risk of what has happened in this instance--or else send a complaint to
me at the address below or to Edward Hobbs:

        Edward Hobbs <>
        Carl W. Conrad <>

Carl W. Conrad
Co-Chair, B-Greek List

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