Philippians 2:3

From: James P. Ware (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 10:12:07 EDT


I am very intrigued (and impressed!) by your suggestion regarding
huperexo in Phil 2:3. The sense of "exceeding in rank" which you suggest
is unarguably part of the word's semantic domain (as all the lexica
attest--I just rechecked LSJ, Bauer, MM, Thayer, Robinson). You are
simply arguing that this well-attested sense is the particular meaning
intended in Phil 2:3. Seems simple enough, but, although I know that the
problems with the sense of "better" to which you point are extensively
discussed in the commentaries (especially the older ones), no one, to my
knowledge, in all the commentaries and literature on the letter, has made
this suggestion! The immediate and wider context seems, at first blush,
quite persuasive in its favor. But I would like to hear some more
reaction from other b-greekers. Perhaps there are factors which militate
against this reading. Till then, I have no hesitation, not only in
considering you as more important than myself, but also, when it comes to
Philippians 2:3, as clearly better than myself as well!

Jim Ware

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