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Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 04:01:56 EDT

At 11:18 PM 4/19/98 +0200, Rolf wrote:
> So your example can be used to illustrate that while the Semantic domain
>model has great advantages over the earlier Etymological model, it also has
>certain weaknesses. It works very well with idiomatic Bible translation
>when the target groups do not want to work with the text themselves, but
>want a "ready to serve text". And it is very good for b-greekers when they
>are working with the meaning of a particular word, also to consult the
>lexicon of Louw/Nida and use their special angle of approach.

        I am unfamiliar with that lexicon (and expose, here and now, my
ignorance). Is it on-line? If not, do you have an ISBN? Or can you point
me to a discussion in the archives? What special angle of approach do they

>The basic weakness of the model, as I see it, is the extreme weight placed
>upon the context, "The word does not have a meaning without a context";
>with the consequence that meaning primarily is tied up with letters and
>words in a book rather than with the minds of living people. Suppose now

        Oops, from the context, I presume you are now telling me what special
angle of approach they employ... Would you characterize their approach as
postmodern? This is to say, when I read your description, I understand
that they might be saying that all we have is the text -- we don't have the
author. All we can do is read the text and interpret it from our
perspective. We can't presume to know what the author intended as the
author (who is not present with us). Hence, we assume responsibility for
our interpretation and application (right or wrong) and cannot foist our
ignorant obedience to our own perspectives off on the author / authority /
inspiration (even though we may claim inspiration for our interpretations).
        Or, or they saying something else entirely?
        I appreciate your taking the time to reply, Rolf. If we have transgressed
the boundaries of b-greek, please advise, and reply in private, if you've
the time and inclination.


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