Re: Jn 21:15-17 in English

Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 15:27:18 EDT

Paul S. Dixon wrote:

> I am not sure how one's theological perspective here has any bearing on
> whether AGAPAS and FILEIS are to be taken synonymously. I agree that
> often our theology does affect our exegesis - we can't escape comparing
> Scripture with Scripture, or at least our interpretation of other
> Scripture - but, what theological bias affects the outcome here?

Simply our view of the similarities and differences and their
relationship to each other and the subsequent meaning we then assign
to this passage [of AGAPAS and FILEIS].

Another interesting tense note ~ Almost the whole of this passage is
in the present indicative, so we really do it a disservice to be
translating 'Do you love me?' etc. It is present imperfect 'Are you
loving me' and the response is not an imperative, but simply the
factual 'You are feeding...' Peter does not need to be told to do the
feeding, he needs to know WHEN he IS DOING it.

The OUN at the beginning of this passage would send me off into the
first two post ressurection appearances as well as this one to find
more on the 'Why 3 affirmations' issue.


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