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> On Mon 20 Apr 98 (12:13:24), wrote:
> >=A0not woollier.
> >=A0
> >=A0a prescriptivist at heart,
> My Webster prescribes "Wool... woolly... woolliness...". It doesn't
> give the comparative; but for my money it's "woollier".
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And here's on-line webster:

 also wooly \'wu-l-e^-\ adj wool-li-er; -est
1a: of, relating to, or bearing wool
1b: resembling wool
2a: lacking in clearness or sharpness of outline <a woolly TV picture>
2b: marked by mental confusion <woolly thinking>
3: marked by boisterous roughness or lack of order or restraint <where
     the West is still woolly --Paul Schubert>
-- wool-li-ness n

 also wool-ie or wooly \'wu-l-e^-\ n, pl wool-lies
(ca. 1865)
1: a garment made from wool; esp: underclothing of knitted wool
     -- usu. used in pl.
2 West & Austral: SHEEP

It at least allows me wooly (as well as woolly). OED also has both
(and no help on the comparative), with woolly winning.

No wonder no one pays me to prescribe anything!

Thanks, Ben!

A sheepish

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