Date: Sun Apr 19 1998 - 01:17:20 EDT

Ward Powers wrote:
> My conclusion is that the word "wine", when used to translate these words,
> must be recognized as having a meaning which extends from the juice of the
> grape while still in the grape, through to the alcoholic beverage.
> I submit therefore that it is not accurate to say that OINOS did, in fact,
> always refer to an alcoholic beverage.
> So what kind of OINOS did Jesus create at the Wedding Feast in Cana? I have
> two comments:
> (a) First, the answer to that question is not prejudged by the fact that the
> beverage is described as being OINOS.
> (b) Second, what kind of OINOS one thinks Jesus would have made will depend
> upon one's theological presuppositions in the matter, at which one has
> already arrived before approaching the passage.
Ward ~

Thanks for the awesome summary. The one thing I did not notice in this
wine discussion is the COLOR of the grapes. In John, the themes of
water and blood are both developed, and I am wondering if we might
locate the wine in terms of its color, since its intoxicative
qualities seem to be indeterminate. Is there any reverence to white
wine anywhere, or are the grapes all red. The implication, of course,
is that wine in Cana might be seen to be an intermediary between water
and blood, whatever they might symbolize. Seems I DO remember
something in this passage about intoxicative results, but I don't have
it in front of me...

Pre-frigidare... Hmmmmm


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