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Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 14:57:47 EDT

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>If you are looking at books two tools you may want to look at are:
>Friberg, Barbara, and Timothy Friberg. _Analytical Greek New
>Testament._Grand Rapids: Baker, 1981.
>Han, Nathan E. _A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament._Scottsdale,
>Pennsylvania: Herald Press, 1971.
>If you are looking at computer software:
>BibleWorks by Hermeneutika
>Logos 2.0 Bible Software Level 4 by Logos

Are you forgetting:

Zerwick, Max and Grosvenor, Mary _A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New
Testament_ Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome [ my edition is dated 1988
but AFAIK there is a later one ]

And for computer use, surely one cannot overlook:

Bible Windows: Silver Mountain Software


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