Re: [Fwd: Jn 21:15-17]

Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 12:29:44 EDT

Bill Ross wrote:
> Aren't there verb forms that can be either imperative or indicative? As
> "believe" in John 14:1?

Thanks, Bill, but I don't think I can be bailed out on this one. I
simply goofed, and fortunately in a BIG enough way that even my myopia
can make it out clearly...

PISTEUETE is indeed both, according to my Zhodiates text, and I won't
doubt him, and they are both identical, as you say, and the 1st he
lists indicative, the second imperative. I don't think one can go
wrong in translating them both in either, actually. The opposite
reading, imperative then indicative, struggles...

And I understand the force of the EIS to be movement away from 'normal
time' and 'into' the dimensionlessness of the ongoingness of the
present, 'where' QEOS and hO QEOS abide atemporally ~ the ARCH ~ The
beginning genesis and origin of time.


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