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From: Jim West (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 18:35:15 EDT

Cooper Greg wrote:
> In John 10:16 Jesus says that there are "other sheep" who
> "shall hear my voice."
> If I understand the Greek correctly, the "hear" refers to the ability
> to understand, learn, etc. And "voice" refers to the ability/act
> of speaking.

This is correct.

> My questions are: 1) who possibly could these "other sheep" be
> and

I think this references the Gentiles.

> 2) since those in Israel were already hearing His "voice," where
> did He go to speak to these "other sheep" so they would hear his
> actual voice

He need not go- his disciples will go and spread his word to the
Gentiles. Further, shortly before his death, he is visited by Greeks.
Perhaps those greeks are the recipients of the message he is speaking

> and 3) does Isaiah 56:8 give us some kind of clue?

Perhaps. The intertextual relationship of the gospels and the OT is a
vibrant source of such information.

> As far as I can tell, He must have gone someplace(s) AFTER His
> resurrection. When He referred to "this fold" He must have referred
> to His followers and/or Israel proper (as when He wept over Jerusalem).

Not necessarily. It would certainly surpass the evidence to say that
he, for instance, visited America.

> And since His followers ("this fold") were composed of those from
> Samaria
> and Israel He doesn't seem to be referring to them.

No, I take him (John) to be referring to the gentiles in general.
> Gregory Lee Cooper

Jim West

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