Re: (Fwd) RE: advertisement in b-greek

From: Daniel Ria–o (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 10:28:19 EDT

        The program looks superb (see the snapshots) but to save time to
Mac users, be aware that it is a Windows-only program.
        I'll be indebted to anyone pointing me towards a similar program
for the Mac.

>With the permission of Dave Marotta I'd like to tell you about the
>word-processor we have designed. The "advertisement text" follows as
>well as the "permission text".
>Thank you for spending your time in reading this, I hope it is of
>interest for some of you.
> Stefan Hagel
>> We would like to announce the new word-processor
>> "Classical Text Editor"

Daniel Rian~o Rufilanchas
c. Santa Engracia 52, 7 dcha.

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