Re: Free Koine Greek Courses?

From: McKay family (
Date: Sat Apr 25 1998 - 23:07:22 EDT

Jeremy wrote:
I know of the Little Greek course, but I don't have the website URL
anymore, so if someone could pass that on to me, I would appreciate

G'day Jeremy. I like your email userid.
Jonathan's Little Greek stuff is very good. I had the privilege of meeting
him recently when he came to Australia for a big internet conference. He is
a softly-spoken fellow, who plays flute and penny whistle very competently
and knows A LOT about the internet.

And you can't wear him out walking, though he may well get you wanting a

Here are details of his web pages.
Little Greek Home Page:
Little Greek 101:
B-Greek Home Page:
B-Greek Archives:

He usually contributes a lot, but has been away from home and flat out with
his work, I think. You'll probably see some of his contributions again soon.

David McKay

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