Learning Greek

From: WEStrass (WEStrass@aol.com)
Date: Sat Apr 25 1998 - 00:25:15 EDT

I've been enjoying all the comments about learning greek, and the time it
takes. For many years I played with it on my own and moved only slowly
(gaining a lot less understanding than I thought I was). Finally, I got the
opportunity to study Attic greek at a nearby university. Fortunately, I've
had a professor who has taken the time to carry the lessons over into Koine
greek, pointing out differences along the way. I'm winding up my fourth
semester, and realizing I have only just begun, but enjoying how far I have

Commitment, commitment, commitment! I realised this was the key right off. I
found the following quote posted somewhere on the net a few years ago, and
thought I would share it with those attempting to make that commitment. I've
printed it out and posted it where I can see it everyday, and have made it my
declaration as well.

"I have firmly decided to study greek,
nobody except God can prevent it.
It is not a matter of personal ambition,
but one of undrestanding the most Sacred Writings."
   Ulrich Zwingli

Good luck to all making the same commitment, and thanks to those posting who
have given so me much to think about. God Bless, and press on!

Bill Strasshofer
Pastor, Stayton Christian Assembly
Cumberland Furnace, TN

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