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> 1. Why does the object (if it is indeed an object proper) take the
> nominative in Mark? I understand this is not unknown in the NT (e.g.,
> Mark 3:34), but it still seems rather strange to me.

> 2. Why does Mark use the singular imperative?

> Thanks,
> Ben

 Dear Ben,

 My quick stab at this would be to say that Mark is using the 2 sing
 imperative IDE as if it were a demonstrative like the French "Voici" or
 "Voilą": "See!" or "Look!", or "here is/are..." or "there is/are...".

 As the verb 'to be' is understood, it looks as if IDE has a direct object
 in the Nominative; but in fact it behaves as the complement of IDE.
 Russian /Vot!/ behaves in the same way.

 "Voici le lieu oĚ on l'avait mis" (Selon Marc 16:6, Ostervald).
 The other Ben

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