Re: Rienecker & Rogers and BAGD revisions?

From: Kevin W. Woodruff (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 09:40:24 EDT

Actually there are two revisions to Rienecker & Rogers' that are due outin
the future. One is the revision by Cleon Rogers of the Linguistical Key.
This is due out in August 1998, but since the publisher's catalogues always
run a wee bit late, I'd look for it around the end of the year. The other
revision is an English translation of the German revision of Fritz
Rienecker's original _Sprachlicher Schlčessel Zum Griechchischen Neuen
Testament_.This is being done by Hendrickson and still is in the process of
being translated.

At 07:44 PM 4/26/98 EDT, you wrote:
> Does anybody on the list have any information on the status of
>the revision of Rienecker & Rogers' Linguistic Key to the Greek New
> Also, any news on the BAGD revision?
>Chris Vlachos
>Professor of NT Greek
>Utah Institute for Biblical Studies
>(Salt Lake Seminary)
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