Re: Either/Or?

From: Jane Harper (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 13:59:17 EDT

> This is just what I feared from Jane Harper's comment that if one reads the
> Apostolic Fathers, one can be "edified" as well as expand one's exposure to
> non-canonical Greek. I really don't know whether she meant by that to say
> that reading "pagan" Greek authors is not edifying.

Not in the same way. However, I was sloppy in omitting a word that would have
clarified .. "first". My comment was meant to say that, as a believer, after
the NT I would prefer to read the Fathers first [or at least some of them!]
before attempting secular authors. [Please note I NEVER said "pagan". I used
to be one! :) ] I also have some misgivings about using works written in
Attic Greek to enhance one's fluency in Hellenistic Greek--but as a newbie, I'm
talking through my hat without data on that one.

Jane Harper
Little-Greek but trying to get bigger

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