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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 09:45:00 EDT

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>Hi all.
>I wonder if someone can translate into english the following verse taken
>from the LXX:
>1Samuel 19:16:
>I am particularly interested in the word 'KENOTA/FIA'?
>Thanks in Advance
>Matt Bell

        The word is "image" to translate the Hebrew, teraphim (see also v. 13).
Liddell and Scott include this entry (p. 938) under the auspices of
kenotafew, i.e., honor with an empty tomb.
        In Gen 31:19 this same Hebrew word is translated by the Greek, ta eidwla
tou patros autns, i.e., her father's household gods. See also vv. 34, 35,
household gods, i.e., eidwla.
        Yet, Judges 18:17,18, 20, do not translate teraphim in the same fashion,
the RSV and ASV remaining with simply 'teraphim.'
        See also 2Ki 23:24 and Zech 10:2.
        As to what teraphim actually meant / were, I don't know, and the varying
contexts make it difficult to decipher. I wonder if it's actually a loan
word from Hakaddian or Ugaritic (anybody know?) suggesting the use of an
image / icon as representing deity. You might try your query on b-Hebrew
(in fact, I'll forward this there in hopes that someone brighter / more
learned than I might be able to kick in some interesting material.
        My own limited knowledge of Canaanite religious practice and synchronism
(and the evolution of the early Israelite religious practices in that
milieu) has been expended entirely in this pitiful offering.

        Best wishes in your pursuit,

May God's blessing be in all your relationships.
[Adapted from Lakota]

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