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Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 12:14:21 EDT

At 10:28 AM -0500 5/1/98, wrote:
>I'm in the middle of doing a research on Pisteuw and Pistis so the digest
>discussion has captured my interest.
>Let me back up. I've been trying to track all the mail on this, but feel
>like I've missed something because the comments keep referring to
>previous comments I don't have. (We had a baby boy wednesday, after four
>daughters, it was a shock!)
>I'm trying to research Pisteuw and Pistis and looking for other related
>words before getting into the theological debates associated with them.
>My interest ultimately is discipleship based on a 2 Pe 1:5-7 model, but
>for now I just want to focus on uses of these words and the domain they
>operate within, before getting into theological differences. One of the
>guides I have is Fee's NT Exegesis. Is there anything that could help me
>walk through steps to studying the words? (It's been a while since I
>went to Bible College) Thanks.
>Any advice or assistance is deeply appreciated.

If anyone wants to respond to this post, please reply to the sender
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been sufficiently explained.

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