Re: Middle/Passive in Ro 9:22

From: Mark O'Brien (
Date: Sat May 02 1998 - 09:14:32 EDT

At 08:45 AM 5/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Now with regard to KATHRTISMENA, I really think the context points toward
>its having a passive sense: 9:19-21 provides the image of the potter and
>the clay, and it seems difficult to me, considering the image of the
>craftsman, to suppose that the clay is assuming its shape of its own
>volition. If that's the case, isn't it more reasonable to undertand
>KATHRTISMENA as passive?

Upon further reflection, I think you're right here... the context does
seem to point towards the passive, and a reflexive sense just wouldn't fit.
 (Context, context, context, eh?)

Thanks also, Carl for your clarification of your thoughts on the M/P issue.
 I need to go over this again more carefully. Also thanks to Dale for
explaining the Gramcord tagging in this case.



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