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Date: Sun May 03 1998 - 14:43:43 EDT

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>Ben Crick wrote:
>> Chrysostom writes (Homil vii on 2 Cor) OU MONON hORWMEN EIS THN DOXAN TOU
>> QEOU, ALLA KAI EKEIQEN DECOMEQA TINA AIGLHN: "We not only look upon the
>> glory of God, but also catch thence a kind of radiance".
>Ben ~

>The tense relationship in this quote [present...aorist?] seems
>important, to where it should perhaps read: "Not only are we looking
>into the glory of God, but also catch thereby a certain radiance."
>With the meaning that our looking [into God's glory] results in our
>own radiance. The present [ongoing] tense shows the action that the
>reader does [or can do], the aorist the result [at any time] we might
>be doing it, in virtue of 'thereby'.
>George Blaisdell

There's no aorist in this passage.


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